Saturday, May 8, 2010

Never seen this comeing- Tobi Lemon for Yugioh13

Crush:Tobi (she doesn't know about Madara. Yet! ^_^)
Looks: Long black hair and dark eyes
Likes: playing pranks on Deidara and Hidan with Tobi, loves to dance
Dislikes: Hidan
Bad Habits: (you come up with one)
Hobbies: writing, dancing, drawing
What do you do in your spare time?:
Constantly plays pranks on the members of the Akatsuki.
It was normal night in the Akatsuki base.Mostly every one was out on a mission.
Me and my masked best friends were sitting on the dull gray sofa in the akatsuki living room,watching Tv.Tobi was flicking through the channels looking for something good.He would probably stop on Sponge-Bob,but I didn't mind watching it with him.
To tell the truth I kinda fell for my best friend,Tobi.I always kept it to myself,because I know Hidan would make fun of me.Hidan is just one happy ray of sunshine,isn't he?
"Tobi,I'm Bord let's think of a prank to pull of Deidara!" I chriped at the ending.
"OK! How about will paint all of clay pink?"
"Perfect! Good thinking Tobi!" I shouted and clapped my hands together,for the genius Tobi.
I dash out of the shadily living room,and headed towards Deidara's room,for his clay.
*Tobi P.O.V*
I stop looking through the channels,and I landed on the Weather Channel.
"There's a 80% possible Thunder-storm heading towards your area"

'huh so there going to be a thunder storm un.This is my prefect opportunity to get Kasumi into my arms" Madara thought sly.
He knew that Kasumi was deathly a afraid of thunder-storms.She all ways hated them,even was a child.
I snapped out of thought then I heard foot-steps heading towards the living room.
*Kasumi P.O.V*

I quickly dashed back to living room with Dei's clay in one of my pale hands and in the other I had my pink paint,with two brushes.
As I was running the wind was pulling my dark jet black hair out of my face.
I placed my junk down onto the glass table that was in front of the sofa,and sat down.
"Here's all we need!" I said cheerfully.I picked up a chunk of clay,and I opened up my pink paint.
I dipped my sea green brush into the loud neon pink
and started to paint.
Tobi started to help also.
Not to long after words, we finally finished.In front of us was a big plate of pink clay.
My smile almost when to ear to ear.I was over joyed,to see Deidara freak out! That would make my day even better!
**********************around dusk**********

It was dark out,and it was still only me and best friend Tobi in the Akatsuki Base.We stayed put on the sofa,and watched Sponge-Bob.Tobi loved that show.

"What the hell!!" I screamed.I jumped off the sofa and looked at the dust window.I was only able to see a big ,flashy, loud yellow ribbon.Also better know as thunder.
My legs started to like rubber as they shaked.I know this is kinda lame for someone in the Akatsuki to be afraid of Thunder,But come on,where all afraid of something,Right?
*Tobi P.O.V*
My smirk grew bigger under my mask,as I saw Kasumi fall to the floor.This was a perfect timeing to make my move.
Slowly,I stood up from the dull sofa and walked over to my weeping friends.When I got over there,Kasumi was hugging her knees tightly,Like a mother protecting her new born child.
"Aww,it's OK Kasumi-kun,Tobi will help you get over your fears! Okay?" I asked her,in my childish Tobi voice.
She picked her head up from her knee,and gave me a weak smile.I took that as a yes.I lifted her up bridal-style,and took her toward the training grounds.Which was located outside.
*Kasumi P.O.V*

As soon as I felt the patter of rain on my forehead,I shot my dark black eyes closed.
The fresh rain rolled down my pale face,like tears.I griped Tobi's shoulders tightly,and nuzzled my head closer to his chest.
I swear,I was almost having a cold sweat.
Tobi's arm gently placed my feet on the muddy ground,and I pulled my head away from his chest,looking into the dark blanket above my head,also known as the sky.
In my mind I was thinking just to suck it up and deal with it.Easier said than done.

By now the rain was poring,and the only move-ments I did was grip my elbows,till they turned pale white.
In the distance there was a yellow ribbon,hitting the ground.Soon after words a crash came a long,following it.
My legs grew like rubber,shaking back and frout.Tears would soon be coming.

I gasped when I felt a arm silver around my waist.I turn my head,letting my jet black hair fall down onto my back.
There I see Tobi,trying to comfort me."That's fine,Kasumi.Let's head back inside," Tobi said in a dark voice, which was strange to me.Wasn't Tobi childish?
Tobi still had his arm wrapped around my waist and lead me back inside,the dark akatsuki base.We walked in through the side wooden door,and I stood their on the door matt.Since I was soken wet,when again so was Tobi.
Tobi left the room to get some towels,to dry us off.I would have got them,but my legs are still shaking like crazy.I was busy playing around with my thumbs,trying to forget about my fricken shaking legs.Once Tobi returned, he wrapped a warm,soft towel over my shoulders,with my black hair to top of the towel.
I took my dark eyes off my thumbs and looked up at Tobi.A blushed crept up upon my face.He had a towel around his shoulder,and no shirt on.Tobi noticed my starring and asked, " Do you like what you see,Kasumi?" Tobi asked in his dark voice.
I gulped."W-Whats wrong with your voice Tobi?" I asked with a slight studder.I couldn't see it,but 'Tobi' probably had a smirk under his mask.
"I guess you should my secret now Kasumi,I trust you," responded Tobi.Usually when Tobi has a secret,he always chirps it.Tobi hand when up for his mask,got a steady grip on it.He pulled it a side lightly,and I gasped.The one I knew as Tobi had a sharingan eye,stareing at me,up and down.On the side of his lips he had a smirk forming.
"You're a Uchiha? But I thought Itachi killed them all?!" I asked with shock."Do you really think Itachi killed them all on his own Kasumi? I had to help him"
"Just who the hell are you!" I screamed,his guy was killing me,with all his questions."I am Madara Uchiha," and with that every thing when pitch black.
"ugh," I moan in pain,trying to sit up.My head was pounding."Don't try to force your self up,dear" came the dark voice again,also know as Madara's.
I still sat up,right know I didn't really care what his guy said.Looking around the room,I was on a white silk bed,with a night stand next to me with a single glowing candle,and the rest of the room was black.
"Why did you knock me out!" I shouted.
"Thats an easy one my dear,this is my only chance to do this" Madara stated coming out of the shadows,but this time he didn't have his Orange swirly mask on.He had spiky,jet black hair, down to his upper back,and his Sharingan was on.
In a swift movement is was on top of me,with his knees next to my hips and his arms next to my shoulders.I struggled to get up,but his body weight and the bed covers were not helping me."Get off me" I shout.His smirk came back,he was enjoying this.He pushed my head back onto the pillow and started to kiss my jaw line.My dark eyes widen in shock.Was this who, Tobi
really was.I tried jaking my head away a couple of times,but he placed his hands on both sides of my head.Madara left my jaw line,and came upon my lips.He kept it simple at first,but then forced his tongue into my mouth.I think is was starting to get pissed that I was kissing back.
(Yugioh,in all the oneshots I written you,none of them were this much like a lemon)
I started to whimper,which only brought more enjoyment to the Uchiha's face.My started a battle with myself,I always did like Tobi,but who was this?He is the one who played Tobi right?
I couldn't hold my self anymore and I started to kiss back.He broke away after a bit,"Good girl,Kasumi" Madara said,placing his forehead on top of mine.
"I love you,Kasumi" Madara stated,looking straight into my eyes."Love you too,Madara". My brain was pounding harder now.
He tugged on the bottom of my purple shirt and I got the message.Madara pulled my shirt off,and throw it some where in the dark shadows of the rooms.He removed his head away from mine,and started kissing down my jaw line,towards my neck.Once Madara hit my neck,I let out a slight moan,when he found my G-spot.His smirk only grew wider.
When Madara was busy with my neck,I pulled out my Kunai and slid it down the silk of his shirt.He groan at the cold metal tip of the Kunai,pushing down on his skin.It was my turn to smirk.I ran my finger down his stomach,feeling his hard chest."Jeez,some one likes to train' I joked to myself.I felt him shiver on top of me.
Madara was sick of my teasing.He stole the Kunai out of my grip,and slid the point of it,over my bra strap.I start to grip his hips in shock,I knew what was coming next.He lowed himself,and positioned his mouth at my left breast.First,he kissed it slightly,then he started to lick it,until he harden.He did the same for the other.
Madara started a trail of butterfly kissed down my stomach,until he reached my waist.While he unbuttoned my pants,I slid his off,since he was wearing sweat pants.Once he got my jeans off he throw them into the shadows,joining my shirt.Madara pulled down my panties,and smirked.

He brought his head back up to mind and kissed my lips,to lower my guard.While my mind was only in the kiss,Madara pushed two fingers inside of me.I gasped,into the kiss.I griped onto his shoulders harder.He moved his fingers in a scissor like movement.A moan left my mouth.

He removed his fingers after a bot,and brought them up towards his pale,lips and licked them.I could feel myself getting more wet.Madara got the idea and got into position,and thrust into me slowly thinking I was in pain.

"Madara go faster!" I moaned.He follower my simple orders and picked up speed.By now we were both moaning each others names.Our climax's were near.Our cum mixed with each others."We should have thunder storms more often" Madara stated,pulling his member out of me."Yeah,what ever Madara" I said,grabing the covers,and pulling the covers me and Madara,to finally Get some sleep.At least none of the other Akatsuki members were around to hear!

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